Where does your company build?

We build in almost all counties within a reasonable proximienty of the Cincinnati Tri-State area. Those areas include Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and have even extended as far as Tennessee.

What price range does your company build in?

We have built homes ranging from $360,000 to over $1,000,000. Our average price range is between $800,000-$1,500,000 and those prices are based on several factors. No two houses we build are ever exactly alike therefore the pricing varies based on design, square foot, location, and amenities.

Do I need to own property before I contact your company?

No. Many of our customers do own property when they contact us, but we also work with customers that don’t to help them research and find the property to suit them. Once a property is found, the customer will then purchase it in their name prior to construction commencing.

Do I have to have a plan designed before I contact your company?

No. Although some customers do have a design completed, most work with our team to design the custom home they desire which is included in our building price.

How long will the project take to build?

Our average time frame from permitting to completion is based on the level of design and detail of the home.

How does the financing work during construction?

The customer will finance with a bank of their choice to get a construction loan during the project. This Construction loan will turn into an end loan as soon as the process is complete.

CW Frequently Asked Questions