Brian and Nicki Schmutte
Legacy Estates Subdivision
Cincinnati, Ohio

Building a house can be a scary and stressful time. There are so many parts that must come together and managing this can be very overwhelming.

This was not our experience with CW Custom Homes. From the initial meeting with Craig, we left with a feeling of peace, security and excitement. This never wavered throughout the entire time of our build. Craig and his crew were great. They were very responsive to our questions and went above and beyond to meet our needs. Craig and his team were proactive when situations arose and had a solution before it was ever presented to us. We were extremely confident in CW Custom Homes to deliver what they said they would deliver and couldn’t be happier with our home and the process.

If you want a personal, sincere experience when building your home, CW Custom Homes is the builder for you. We started the process as Craig being our builder and finished the process with Craig becoming our friend.

Tony and Jenni Albu
Greendale, IN

This was the first house we’ve built and CW Custom Homes was great at leading us through the process and setting realistic expectations. We never had to worry about what the next steps would be. CW is very professional and knowledgeable at all aspects of home building. They are very easy to work with– personal, but no pressure, they listen, discuss options, and are very transparent about every part of the building process. They were open to us doing some of the work ourselves based on our own expertise and budget. CW has a very good grasp on the costs that go into the project. He never came back to us asking for money for something he ‘didn’t plan for.’ We stayed on budget except for the upgrades we voluntarily made. I have heard of many other builders coming back for ‘over budget costs’ that should have been included. CW’s subcontractors produce high quality work. The materials and finishes that he includes are good quality. The vendors recommended to use by CW for fixtures, flooring, tile, carpet, etc., were all very professional and knowledgeable. We also found that the overall pricing was very competitive if not the best for a custom home. We would absolutely recommend CW Customs Homes, as we already have!

Bob and Jan Mecklenborg
North Bend, Ohio

We would definitely recommend CW Custom Homes to others as our experience as been very positive!
We were able to bring our initial design plans to CW Custom Homes, and have them incorporate their ideas into a home even better than we anticipated. Every critical decision that was needed during the course of construction was answered by CW Custom Homes with practical and expert advice. All of the subcontractors and CW craftsmen were excellent and the quality of their work was superb. We receive many compliments regarding the craftsmanship throughout the house. Limiting selections/choices made the process easier as not to be overwhelmed, and responding promptly during crucial times. We appreciated CW Custom Homes being strong in their recommendations throughout the planning and the entire construction process.
Thank you CW Custom Homes for our beautiful new home!

Tom and Susie Michel
Cincinnati, Ohio

Craig’s personal involvement and interest in our project gave us the confidence our home would be built right. We were more than pleased with our building experience and thrilled with our home.  The workers on site, whether CW employees or contractors were all friendly, pleasant and well skilled craftsmen.  We have had friends comment about the quality of our home.  We made a great choice to build with CW Custom Homes and highly recommend them to build your home too.

Brian and Emily Sandhas
Cleves, Ohio

Are you searching for an ideal lot, an efficient home and a builder to meet all of your needs? If so, look no further. CW Custom Homes will become not just your builder, but a mentor, marriage counselor and more! Building our dream home seemed like more of a dream than a reality UNTIL we sat down with Craig Weis. From start to finish, Craig and his crew did a stellar job and we truly could not be happier. CW Custom Homes has all of the attributes you would want in a builder…professional, honest, extremely educated in the business and it doesn’t stop there! The CW crew has the experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to constructing the home. The proof is in the pictures and the detail work speaks for itself.

The best part of building with CW was the open lines of communication at ALL times. Whether it would be a question on our part or a follow-up in regards to a selection, Craig was amazing with follow-through and that is hard to come by these days! CW Custom makes the building process a very enjoyable one and during stressful times, a very bearable one. When building a home, inevitably you will encounter some bumps along the way and that was what impressed us immensely with Craig Weis. He never paniced and always had a solution to a problem which catered to us the buyers both emotionally and financially.

Another strong asset which sold us on CW is their “green awareness” and building a home that is super efficient. From installing a geothermal unit, to tinted windows and top of the line insulation, CW never cuts any corners. Not only do we love our home’s beauty, we love it’s efficiency as well. Again, that is another asset that is hard to come by.

If you are in the market for a new home, we highly recommend you contact CW Custom Homes. They will build your dream home in a timely manner, make the experience one you will rave about and leave you with no regrets! We can say our experience was one we would happily repeat with Craig Weis.

John and Ellen Childs
Cleves, Ohio

We couldn’t be more pleased with selecting CW Custom Homes to build the home of our dreams. Our home is currently under construction and it’s so exciting to see the progress on a daily basis. Craig and his team are simply amazing to watch in action. They are meticulous about every detail yet still extremely efficient. We are especially impressed with how neat and tidy they keep the work area, both inside the house and out. The lot and materials on it are kept orderly and this is due in part to how detailed and well-timed Craig is with his deliveries. He only brings in what his team can handle at any given time so as to not have excess materials piling up around the lot. And they even take special care to keep the street clear of mud and debris. This means a lot to us knowing our new neighbors don’t have to be hassled with any kind of mess due to our house being constructed.

We really like how Craig shares his opinions with us along the way. From the initial design and all through the construction phase he has bounced ideas off of us and been very honest on whether something is a good idea or a bad one. This candidness means a lot to us because in the end we want to have a home that is not only beautiful but also extremely functional. Craig has also been very open to minor design changes on the fly and at no additional cost, something most home builders probably would not do. He encourages us to come out and see the building process often so that there are no surprises and we can discuss what is currently being done.

This is our second home building experience and it truly has been night and day compared to the first time. Craig and his team define ‘custom’ in custom homes. Too many builders claim to be custom but do not offer near the changeability, flexibility, open-mindedness, and quality that CW Custom Homes offers. We cannot wait for the finished product.

Brian and Maggie Webb
Harrison, Ohio

CW Custom Homes put an addition onto our house and remodeled our kitchen. They did this while working around the hospital schedule of our medically fragile son. We had a vision of how we wanted to transform our house and they accomplished that and even more. The quality of the work is exquisite and our house is now a dream come true. Craig and his entire team are so easy to work with and not one of them accepts anything less than perfection. We had no worries about what was being done even while we were at the hospital most of the time. Every day they left the house with all the dust cleaned up and everything organized so we were able to go on living in it. Thank you so much for the beautiful transformation of our house!

Casey and Hollie Stoops
Lawrenceburg, IN

During our home construction process, we involved three builders as this was our first experience in building a home and were uncertain of the process. Once we found a plan we liked, we presented it to CW Custom Homes to have them blueprint the house. We spent several months using this blueprint as a foundation when working with each of the potential builders. It was important for us to go into the building process with as many answers to the questions we had as possible. While working with each of the three builders, it was evident that Craig and CW Custom Homes were a step above the rest. Craig was able to provide a great deal of building knowledge to ensure we built a perfect home. For example, it was recommended by another builder to have a split two car garage. Craig believed this would lead to difficulties getting in and out of the garage and recommended that we not only use a single door for the two car garage, but to extend it two feet to allow additional room for pulling in and out. Needless to say, we are very happy that we went with Craig’s suggestion.

Once the construction process began, Craig was always in communication with us. We were able to meet with him at the construction site frequently to walk through and make adjustments on the fly. When completing the blueprint, everything looked good on paper, but once we got to framing the house we realized we needed to make a few adjustments. Due to Craig’s communication and flexibility we were able to make some adjustments to our initial plan to ensure the house was set up the way we wanted it. This was significant as there were a few instances where our adjustments allowed the floor plan to be more open than what we initially planned and get the house we wanted.

As the house finished up, we noticed that Craig went out of his way to ensure we had the perfect home we had dreamed we would have. One of the last steps of the house was to seed and straw the yard. After Craig’s team came out and completed this, we had the huge wind storm from Hurricane Ike that blew away all of the straw that was laid down. Obviously this could have been something that we would have had to redo on our own dime, but Craig and his crew came back out to re-straw the entire yard. This paid huge dividends in the spring when our yard had grass popping up all over the place. We couldn’t be more pleased to how well our grass came in.

We have been in our house for nearly 2 and ½ years and have not had a major issue to report. Even with some of the small issues that have risen, Craig has sent out his contractors or crew to get them corrected immediately. We are happy with the attention to detail and commitment from Craig and CW Custom Homes to ensure our home is exactly what we had hoped we would have when we began the building process. As a matter of fact, we were so happy using Craig and CW Custom Homes that we plan to have them out in the near future to finish our basement!